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It has been a very eventful week:

Monday – Labs and infusion (my dosage has been cut in half due to severe pain in my joints, tendons, bones, and muscles).  I began taking Cannabis Oil, nightly to see if it helps with the pain.

Tuesday – While picking up a sock off of the laundry room floor, I discovered a live mouse stuck in a trap and managed to hobble over to my Lulu Lemon gym bag, which is now my bag I take to the infusion center and made itself almost invisible between the bag and straps.  The bag had fallen over.  I was barefoot, so I did the only natural thing I could think of and jumped in a seated position on top of the dryer.  I was squealing and eventually crying because my joints hurt so much, but then went back to squealing and screaming.  I learned this behavior from “Tom and Jerry” cartoons.  That is how I choose to defend my actions.

Poor Penelope thought I was having a seizure.  She put her boots on to check out said disgusting mouse.  Then when it moved and I shrieked, she jumped onto the counter next to me that is piled to the max with laundry room crap.  You know that type of crap I am referring to, laundry that needs to be ironed that has been sitting in there since 2007, tools, tape measures, mugs that are to big to drink from, vases, etc.  We were stuck.

I sent Parker over to see if our teenage neighbors could assist us.  I can dispose of a mouse that’s in a trap, you know, when it’s dead, but I hate it and I have to have several feet between me and the mouse about the length of the handle of a snow shovel.  In walked my neighbor, Liza or as I refer to her as Super Liza.  This woman and her family have been there for us in good times and bad and helped me and my kids 2/16/17 the day of my seizure.  She also had Charlie with her.  He’s her youngest and so very cute.  It took a little time and planning, but he got it out of the house for us.  I was thankful that he aided us and will be inquiring if we can adopt him.  I’m also thankful that I put a bra on that morning (no need for an explanation on this.  Those big chested women feel my struggle).

I have decided to be brave next time if and when something like this should arise.  Okay, I’m being dishonest, I might try.

That afternoon, my cousin, her husband and kids along with my aunt and uncle arrived from Texas.  We had a wonderful visit.

Wednesday – We hiked at Radnor Lake, which is such a special place to me.  It always lifts my spirits and I spend time out there with really close friends and getting to share this with them was wonderful.  I loved watching my children play with their second cousins.  It was truly special.

We then went that evening to Opryland.  It was beautiful and I hadn’t been in almost 10 years. Noel drove the rented twelve passenger van like a pro.

Thursday – I spent a lot more time in the kitchen than I had planned on, but I really enjoyed the time visiting with my Aunt Mary and Missy.  Our kitchen was not only filled with a lot of food, but a lot of love as well.

That evening it was time to say goodbye and Missy and I managed to say goodbye without any tears.  When everyone is tired and they were trying to buckle in their 6 year old and 3 year old and things are a little more hectic, I think that’s better.  They made it home safely, yesterday and I’m so grateful they came.

Friday – My Mother-In-Law arrived and I love how sweet my girls are to their grandmother.

Saturday – MIL spoils the kids by buying Parker a guitar and Penelope an electric violin.  Santa’s work is done!!!!!

We started decorating the exterior of our home for Christmas.  We’re going to need more lights, Clark!

Sunday – I am writing this blog while my family has gone out for a bit.  I needed some quiet time.  I am a bit worn out from visiting, but I wouldn’t trade this week and all that we got to do for anything.  Oh, wait, yes I would.  I would change the mouse in the house.

We have been surrounded by love and I hope that each of you had a joyous holiday.

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