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    New Treatment

    So far this first cycle of infusion that I had last Monday hasn’t been too bad.  I have to check for blood clots in my legs every morning upon waking, but…

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    I was thinking about the time my mom and I went on our first trip together; just the two of us.  It was 5 years ago and we were supposed to…

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    I Wish

    September 4th marked the seven month anniversary of my brain tumor resection craniotomy.  WOW! I cannot believe it’s been that long ago now. There are times that it seems like it…

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    Chemo. Rinse. Repeat.

    Where to begin!  Hmmmmm….I finished my third round of chemo with increased dose from 170 mg to 225 mg, which I seemed to have tolerated with no allergic reaction, so that…