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Mind and Body

My Week (Second Round of Chemo Down)

It’s been a very good week with some side effects from this last round of chemo, but I really can’t complain.  I was mostly tired for the two days after the round, so I took a two hour nap one day and a three hour nap the next.  On Sunday, I had a lot of energy, so we celebrated Father’s Day by going out to breakfast then stopped at Whole Foods.  Hey, it was my husband’s idea! I wouldn’t torture a man like that by making him grocery shop on a day we celebrate him. Perhaps I’m just really good at manipulating him.  I’ll never tell.

I spent about two hours in the kitchen, washing, cutting, and putting produce away.  When I have the energy, that’s what I need to do because it makes my life easier so that I have everything conveniently waiting for me to prepare juices, smoothies, salads, meals, soups and healthy snacks.

Tuesday, I met my friend, Mitch who is also a screenwriter and truly one of the nicest people I have ever met in my life for a tea.  It was such bliss to discuss filmmaking and writing.  I had the honor of working on Mitch’s film where I met some of the most incredible people who have become great friends and colleagues.

I’ve continued my yoga practice several days a week, get on the spin bike, did a little bit of Zumba the other day and much to my surprise, I found that I could pick up dance steps very quickly and as someone who loves to dance and my background in dancing this still has me on cloud nine.  I wasn’t sure what my brain would allow at this point.

Wednesday, I had friends who came through for me in a big way dropping my little one and I off to do some shopping before we leave for a family vacation and then one picking us up and a surprise gift.  A gray hat (gray is for brain tumor awareness) that reads: Choose Hope! How great is that? I can’t wait to wear it.  This same friend, Amy is an amazing writer and she gave me some leads on places to submit my writing samples.

I went for an evening hike with my friend, Melissa and our daughters.  We saw a mom and her five baby skunks.  Thankfully, we didn’t get sprayed.  Melissa and I used to hike a lot, so it felt so nice to be able to do something we used to enjoy together and it felt incredible even though I was really having to push myself to get up some of the inclines, I felt really proud of myself.  My legs still feel like mush instead of muscles, but I’m building that strength up a little at a time and I was a bit winded, but I have to state, that given everything my body has been through, I’m still in pretty decent physical shape.  Well, as far as my ability to do things goes, we won’t get into my weight and ongoing belly fat.  I’ll concern myself with that once I am off of the steroid.

I did find myself having to apologize for my ongoing flatulence during the hike.  As you can imagine, having eaten Brussels sprouts salad, black beans, veggie juice, grapes, spinach salad, more Brussels sprouts, berries, more veggie juice, fruit and veggie smoothie within the past 48 hours it was either keep moving or stand around clinching and then having to make our way on the trail in the dark or have to spend the night on the trail.  Obviously, I chose not to go with the latter scenario.  It may have been better to have been sprayed by the family of skunks.

Over the weekend, Noel and I had discussed my frustration over not being able to work in voice-overs right now because I struggle to vocalize a lot of things, however, I don’t have an issue writing.  Well, okay, I suck at punctuation at times and I have issues with editing my work especially now because my brain just gets fatigued easily, however, Noel told me that is what I need to focus on.  He reminded me that people came on board to work with me because of my writing on Dates (The Series).  Then my meeting with Mitch and discussion with Amy, I saw this as a sign.  So, now I will be spending more time working on scripts for Dates, my book, my blog and who knows what else.

I’ve joined a group on Facebook of fellow brain tumor fighters and that has been very good for me.  I find that relating to people who understand what I’m going through and them sharing their experiences is very helpful and I also like encouraging others who have just been diagnosed.  I just continue to wake every morning with a smile on my face grateful for another day with my kids, continue to educate myself, and I’m feeling more and more like this brain tumor isn’t defining me.  I’m embracing the positive things and people that this brain tumor has brought into my life.

My family and I will be heading to the beach for a few days if Storm Cindy will calm herself down.  I’m looking forward to getting to the ocean.



Mind and Body

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